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to be mid gated. dealt with and we want to make sure that the forest is replanted. >> president obama called governor brown on sunday offering federal help of the more than 3600 firefighters so far only 2 have received minor injuries. this is abc 7 news. >> this is what remains of the berkeley family camp. the campground buildings reduced to ashessa#m÷ yesterday when flames over ran the site. it has been a vacation spot for berkeley residents for 91 years. look at what it looked like just days ago on the 11. on the right see the devastation caused by the fire. berkeley officials are assessing the damage they say 2 words too early to think about rebuildin rebuilding. we receive pictures from people who visit enjoying the camp over the years. if this was taken three 3 summers ago if you have picture or stories from previous trip to the camp send them to us at kg o dash tv.com. >> concern growing tonight that the rim fire could affectír san francisco about power supply. assessment team from san francisco public utility commission is heading to the reservoir to see if flames hav
time president obama spoke today about the snub heard around the world when he cancelled his summit with his meeting with vladimir putin. >> president talked for the first time about cancelling his meeting next month with russian president vladimir putin. despite the tension they have a decent personal relationship. >> i know the press likes to focus on body language and got that slouch, looking like the board kid in the back of the classroom. the truth is when we're in conversations together, oftentimes it's very productive. >> he said he is offended by the anti-gay law in russia where foreigners could go to jail. when it comes to the upcoming olympics in russia, i don't think it's appropriate to boycott the olympics. one thing i'm looking for is gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold, silver or bronze which would go a long way in rejecting the kind of attitudes we're seeing there. >> he outlined new measures to reform the surveillance programs including putting a new civil liberties officer at the nsa and promising to reveal more about the once secret programs. >> we must
of reach. today championing their cause president obama as care reports took his message of more affordable schooling on the road. >>reporter: college students head back to campus. and millions are worried about the high cost of earning that diploma. >> we have a crisis in terms of college affordability. student debt. >>reporter: president obama kicked off the new school year with two day 2 state bus tour. >> bottom line is higher education can not a luxury. it's an economic imperative. every american family should be is able to afford to get it. >>reporter: at the university of buffalo the president lid out a plan for a new rating system that would tay-sachs pair funds to college performance and value. starting in 2015 schools will be evaluated by several criteria including average tuition. scholarship and loan debt. graduation rate and earnings of graduate. president obama said colleges that keep the tuition down while providing top notch education will see the federal funding go up. >> it's time to stop subsidizing schools not producing good results and reward schools t
there tomorrow. also latest on the crisis in sir y.what president obama is saying about military action and how we might know about the [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. load up the cooler. your favorite pepsi products are just $2.47 a 12-pack. charmin is $11.99 for 24 double rolls. and make it a giant scoop. breyers ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. female narrator: through monday, get three years through monday, get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. >> tonight president obama is deciding if america will launch a strike on syria soon. perhaps this weekend. un weapons inspectors will pull out of syria by sundown tomorrow. martha has the latest. >> in
, bush again. why when we get to obama do we need some special i.d.? >> reporter: san francisco is one of several cities across the nation to celebrate the anniversary of the march. >>> coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a look at the events on the east coast. that's a preview of the similar one planned for the bay area. >>> how long is this warm weather going to stay over the bay area? meteorologist leigh glaser tells us next in the forecast. >>> maybe a quarterback controversy as pryor is making the coach think twice who will be the starter >>> people paid to run for their lives during the first ever great bull run held in the u.s. inspired by the traditional spanish spectacle it was held at a drag racing strip in virginia. organizer says one person suffered minor sdwrirryes. a member of the humane society attended to make sure there was no mistreatment of the bulls. another is held june 21st in the bay area but there isn't a set location yet. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't know about that either. >> i will pass on that. >>> terrific day today. temperatures came up as much
it was just too heavy. by then the rescue operation had barack obama one of disposal. >> back out on the water wash up and somebody else problemism when the tide went out researchers from marin county marin mammal center opened up the whale for a test. dr. dr. johnson looked at everything heart lung thorax. stomach. >> human related we want to found that reason. if it's disease we want to better understand what is affecting these population of the >> along the pacific coast only 3200 finance whale remain. big creature on narrow margin and now there's one fewer than yesterday. still a mystery on otherwise perfect summer day at the beach. >> we were hoping to see a happy send off. >> instead this wake and waves stinson beach 7 news. >> too bad. obviously coming up next even the airline calls it exceptional circumstances. >> i had never experienced anything like that. >> strandeded left overnight to fend for themselves. travel disaster that turned a bath room into a bedroom. >> trial of accused serial killer acting as his own attorney goes to the jury. but not before another u
unpaid internship reached the white house. fair pay campaign is calling on president obama to pay white house interns hoping that move will inspire other employers. organizers say in the day of sky rocketing college costs working for free just isn't an option for a lot of struggling students. campaign has set up a petition on move on.org and it has more than 8,000 signatures. many :rgesses rely on unpaid interns giving students real world experience as they move through school. >> and with school starting back up this week for many students we have a timely story for all parents of children playing sports. nick smith has a look at how ucsf is working to help prevent head injuries and concussions among high school athletes. >> got the ball first looked up clipped my head on the tim pel. >> 18-year-old gary lee enjoys time open the court but head injury could have put an end to difficult of somewhating hoops. after days of having a headache he went looking for answer. >> the headache i got weren't the kind of headache you get when you have the flu. i felt sluggish and out of it all th
capable of hitting back if america decides to strike? >> then the obama administration pledging billions to get the nation wired with high speed internet. so why is millions in equipment not being used? sz.ther half hour of 7 new >> tonight white house says 90 million tear action against syria will be limited and won't be aimed at forcing assad from power. syrian leader accused of killing tens of thousands of his own people. martha is in the middle east with the latest. >> he is the man at the center of the horror. brutal dictator who the vice president said today is undeniably responsible for gasing his own innocent people. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for the heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. syrian regime. >> tonight there seems no question that the u.s. is ready to strike a punishing blow to assad. u.s. war ships in place. cruise ship at the ready target in syria selected. >> come ready to go like that. >> we are ready to go like tha that. >> but what might assad do in response? syrian regime has hundreds of tons of mustard gas and large stock pile of a miss
announced the trade-in president obama after chinese woman was electrocuted by faulty non-apple i-phone charger. now the company is hoping to take faulty third party counterfeit power adapter off the market all together. if you bring in your charger apple will replace it for 10 dollars. >> general motors is the latest auto make tore slash its price on electric car. base price of the chevy volt now 35,000 dollars. that's savings of 5000. sluggish sales are fueling the price cuts of course. auto merrick under pressure to sell more electric vehicle in this state because california has a quota for zero emission vehicle sales. fordless month reduced the sticker prison for the all electric 2014 focus by 4000 dollars. and nissan slashed the price of the 20 threaten leaf by 6400 dollars. special honor in time for warhol birthday. artist died back in 1987 but today the andy warhol museum launched a live video feed from the pop artist grave site which is in pittsburgh. also a live feed from the church where he was baptized. that's what you are watching here part of the live feed. fr
a small counter terror force of several thousand soldiers. but the obama administration is threatening to pull them out sooner because of erratic behavior by afghan president karzai. that could lead to this worst case 60 nar no. >> possible outcome has some kind of approximateie civil war erupt in afghanistan where the neighbors are using forces whether taliban or other ethnic forces in afghanistan to fight each other. >> general says that would be very bad for the united states. best case scenario. new afghan president competent dense force and about 10,000 u.s. troops to help guard against resurge instant of al qaeda. eric thomas abc 7 news. >> this friday night. can women have it all. the explosive new book that says women should just stop trainin if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is on now! rest those tired bones on a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempu
it is deeply concerned. but the white house has said that before. almost a year to the day. president obama warning syria about crossing a red line. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that that's a red line for us. >> reporter: but two months ago when the white house said it was convinced assad had carried out a small-scale chemical attack, the red line seemed to blur. little was done in response. what is not debatable is the human toll. i want to show you an image. thousands of families fleeing syria, escaping the bloodshed. among them a child who will be counted as the 1 millionth youngster fleeing syria. martha raddatz, abc news, cairo. >>> high-flying pilots may be at risk of developing brain damage. that's the conclusion of the searchers who looked at pilots who flew reconnaissance planes. they say the war in afghanistan and iraq has increased the frequency of the compression sickness known as the bends and illness is leading to lesions on the brain. sending tiny bubbles into the brain where they cause harm. doctors say the brain can recover b
suggesting that the u.s. could move its forces clor to syria in case president obama decides to order military strikes. chuck hagel says the president has asked the pentagon to provide military option in light of report the syrian government used chemical weapon against civil i don't know. hagel says the u.s. will coordinate with the international community to determine whether such an attack was actually carried ou out. >> military jury today convicted major hassan of premeditated murder dear in texas. jury took 6 thundershowers find him guilty of all 45 charges he faced. massacre left 13 people dead. 30 wondered it was the deadl deadliest attack on military base now faces the death sentence. hassan acted as own attorney during the trial but did he not call any witnesses or testify. >> military jury near seattle today sentenced army staff sergeant robert bale to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the march 2012 massacre of 16 afghan civilia civilians. >> jury chose the stiffest possible sentence after bale n june t8s this took the death penalty
. president obama was counting on england support to punish assad rae jeem over chemical weapon attack. president likely there's act on his own. here's jim avila. >> president hyped closed doors meeting with members of the national security tee. already label unhappy warrior by "time"magazine. promising 90 million tear action will be limited and tailored. today is spokesman emphasize to go war weary american people the u.s. is not planning an all out attack on syria or military attempt to topple assad. >> what we are talking about here is very discreate and limited. >> white house making the case syrian chemical weapons threaten our ally. turkey jordan and israel. our military bases and embassy in the middle east. end of the world in general. because allowing the use by sir why only encourages other dictators and terrorists. the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he agrees but wants more consultation with congress before the president acts. >> this is serious as it gets. you will engagement u.s. military. consequences for doing that. consequences for not doing
president obama says quote change in culture has distorted view of the american dream focusing now on material excess. when he was a teenager he says kids weren't monitoring every day what people lick kim kardashian was wearing or where kanye west was going on vacation. the president has criticized the reality show culture in general and the kardashian family specifically. first lady has told reporters her husband doesn't like his daughter watching keeping up with the kardashian. doesn't like the influence. >> 4-year-old boy has become the youngest person ever to be electedas mayor. bobby tough worldwide attention after being elected to second term yesterday. in minisociety it only has a pop litigation of 28 people. but thousands cast symbolic balance let by donating 1 dollar at weekend festival. his stand on ice cream tough to beat no. formal government so the role is ceremony. bobby had tough competition from lastment entry that was a pet lizard. but stand on ice cream won the day. >> while talking food some brave volume up tears eaten the first hamburger grown in the l
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